My Life in Code

Designing and coding websites is a passion (and addiction!). The logic of programming has always come naturally to me and I enjoy the challenge of creating an organized clean web design. I started computer programming in 1979 at UC Santa Barbara and bought my first personal computer in 1983. I have been active on the internet since 1993 (inc. alt-dot newsgroups); first website created in 1994 (in GeoCities); first domain name purchased and academic website created in 1996. All the webs below I developed (designed, developed, hand-coded) myself (no templates or Word Press). Some were created for nonprofit organizations. Others support my classes, department, or college.

Star.= My top current/active websites.

Websites Created for Non-Profit Organizations

Star.Cascadia Climate Action Now

I founded Cascadia Climate Action Now (Cascadia CAN) to support community climate science activism to protect PNW, enhance sustainability, and ensure enviromental justice for all.

No Methanol 360
Victory! We defeated multinational foreign government-backed corporation thereby preventing the world's largest fracked fossil-gas to methanol refinery and export terminal from being built along the Columbia River in southwest Washington.

Diethylstilbestrol FAQs for DES Action U.S.A.
As an advocate for DES-exposed persons, I created several webpages and discussion forums for DES Action before, during, and after serving on their Executive Board in the late 1990's and early 2000's.

Green Party of Southwest Washington
and @SWWAGreens (both retired)
My husband and I helped start this local chapter of the Green Party in late 2015 and served on its Council until 2018.

Washington Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges
and @WAMATYC (both now run by new webmaster)
I created this web for WAMATYC when I served on their Executive Board in the 1990's. I returned to the board in 2010, redesigned the website, and served as Webmaster until 2018.

Websites Created for Local Political Candidates

John Flynn for City Council and Gary Wallace for Port Commissioner and (both retired)
Designed, coded, and ran websites for Flynn and Wallace campaigns in 2019, Kalama WA. Despite campaigning hard, each local candidates came in second in their respective races.

Mike for Mayor of Kalama
My husband and I were proud to be members of the campaign team that got Mike Reuter elected as Mayor of our small town in November 2017.

Websites that Support my Mathematics Classes

Star.Contact Me Page

Simple contact info page for students.

Star.Maths Online Web

Materials (syllabi, calendars, etc.) and resources for my online classes including over 150 FAQs.

Star.Maths Online Lesson Notes

Lesson notes for my twelve online courses include overview, objectives, study tips, and supplementary resources.

Maths Online Lessons
During the 1990's I transitioned my face-to-face course lectures to this online form to "flip" my classroom. They later became my GOLDen Mathematics series of e-books. I continue to use MOL examples and graphics to enhance discussions in my online classes.

Websites that Support my Department and College

Star.AZiMath: A-to-Z Internet Applications of Mathematics

Part of my 2018 sabbatical project. Links to real-life examples of mathematics in action.

Clark Faculty Page
(retired, involuntarily)
My official faculty page at Clark College. Unfortunately Clark admin discontinued all faculty and department webpages in 2016 just days before the 20th anniversary of the three Clark websites listed here that I created and ran for my department and actively supported our students.

Clark Mathematics Division Web
and @ClarkMathDept (both retired, involuntarily)
I created this web for the Mathematics department in 1996 when I came to Clark College. It was the first department website at Clark, one of, if not the, first in the PNW. I served as webmaster for 20 years hand-coding all updates and redesigns. This was a big deal, a huge part of my daily life. I was sad to see it go, as were my colleagues. A terrible decision by Clark admin, in my opinion, leaving faculty NO public website to post documents/hand-outs for students, event announcements, etc.

Clark eLearning Mathematics (ELM) Web
(retired, involuntarily)
This sub-web supported the faculty and students enrolled in eLearning (online and hybrid) mathematics classes at Clark College.

Just-In-Time Mathematics
(semi-retired; no longer maintained)
Part of my 2012 sabbatical project. Resources for algebra students needing to quickly review a specific pre-algebra or introductory algebra topic.

Association of Higher Education
While I served as a Faculty Senator and Secretary of my Faculty Union, this site housed union documents and provided email listservs and discussion forums.

Alpha Sigma Phi
Served to promote events and foster communication among students in Clark's Student honour society, Alpha Sigma Phi, a chapter of Phi Theta Kappa, the national honour society of two-year colleges, while I was serving as Faculty Advisor in the late 1990's and early 2000's.

Home Education Websites

InteGreat Education™

One of the six domains I own. It serves as my primary academic site now with plans to grow into a home-education outreach home-based business eventually.

Columbia Heights Academy (semi-retired)
My husband and I home-educated our daughter through to university. This web supported our home-education activities and continues to list our Pre-K through grade 10 homeschool curriculum.

4H & Girl Scouts and (both retired)
Supported my daughter's 4H troop and her Girl Scouts troop (which I co-lead).

Personal Websites

Star.Personal Home Page

My 3 most active Twitter accounts feed to this page. Want to know what interests me on a daily basis, what I'm reading, or action I'm promoting? Check it out!


This web! Houses my expanded resume and curriculum vitae.

Keely Family Home Page

While only periodically updated, this web contains our family blogs, interests, travel info, and photos. It is the oldest of my personal domain names, dating back as far as 1996.