Prof. Development Activities, Projects, and Goals 2020-2021

Two major focuses this year: accessibility and diversity/equity/inclusion.

  1. Dec. 2020 -- Take eL130-eL131 workshops and complete eL132-eL133 workshops to earn Clark College's Universal Design Learning (UDL) Certificate.
  2. Feb. 2021 -- Complete work on assuring all course images are fully accessible in the five courses I usually teach.
  3. Mar. 2021 -- Complete my mandatory post-tenure evaluation (every 5-years) which includes evaluations by students, peer, and dean; observing a colleagues' class and based on what I learn, assessing/improving my own classes; writing a comprehensive Self-Evaluation report.
  4. Mar. 2021 -- Update my Philosophy of Education statement and write a diversity, equity, and inclusion statement for my syllabus after researching and considering colleagues' statements and wording.
  5. Apr. 2021 -- Completely update my e-portfolio and my C.V.
  6. Completely update all 150 FAQs and related documents to match new CMS and course design.
  7. Learn Python 3 programming via 2021 Complete Python Bootcamp from Zero to Hero in Python (Certificated Udemy course with 155 lectures, 22 hours of video lessons).
  8. Engage in departmental-wide "big picture" re-organization of online/remote/hybrid courses including technology, materials, structure, and design.
  9. On a personal side, help stop the world's largest fracked fossil-gas-to-methanol refinery from being built on the Columbia River! Tidy my home library :)
Longer-term goals:
  1. Review of all course documents with focus on assuring language that promotes inclusion.
  2. Verify all 1000+ of my ed-related webpages are fully accessible and screen-reader friendly.
  3. Convert all math documents (≈10,000) containing MathType equations to LaTeX (since MathType is not keeping up with MacOS, in fact at least 2 OS's behind, frustrating!).
  4. Learn R programming in R-Studio particularly for data visualization.

Professional Development & Service Learning 2021
List of conferences, workshops, trainings, and webinars in which I participated.

Each item is tagged as primarily focused on one of my interests: Activism, Education, Educational Technology, Environment, History, Justice (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion), Mathematics, Medical Science, Science, STEM, Women in STEM.

[Enviro] Conference: Managing Stormwater in Washington hosted by the Northwest Environmental Business Council (NEBC), May 5. [website]

[Educ / Math] Minicourse: How and Why Should Sustainability Be Part of What We Teach? Presented by Victor Donnay and Thomas Pfaff. Hosted by MAA over 3 sessions, Apr. 26-29.

[Math] Conference: Washington College Mathematics Conference (WaMath) hosted this year (only!) by WAMATYC and presented virtually, Apr. 23. [program]

[Math] Conference: Oregon Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges (ORMATYC) presented this year only virtually, Apr. 23. [program]

[Activism] Webinar: Celebrating the Thin Green Line, KBOO's Special Earth Day, Apr. 22 [website]

[Enviro / Justice] Webinar: Intersectional Environmentalism - The Key to Fighting Racism and Climate Change Huxley Speaker Series hosted by WWU's Huxley College of the Environment , Apr. 22

[Women in STEM] Webinar: Radium Girls: The Dark Story of America's Shining Women Toxicology and Societies Speaker Series hosted by WWU's Huxley College of the Environment, Apr. 22

[Enviro] Webinar: All Critters Great and Small - The Wildlife Research Program of the Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe hosted by WWU's Huxley College on the Peninsulas, Apr. 20

[Enviro Justice] Webinal Panel: Black in the Environment, Apr. 20 [program]

[History / Enviro Sci] Webinar: Tahoma's Biggest Stories [website] w/ Jeff Antonelis-Lapp. Huxley Speaker Series hosted by WWU's Huxley College of the Environment, Apr. 15.

[Math] Conference: Northwest Undergraduate Mathematics Symposium (NUMS) hosted by Pacific Inland Mathematics Undergraduate Conference (PiMUC), April 10. [program]

[Med Sci] Webinar: Were There Excess Fetal Deaths from Waterborne Lead Exposure During the Flint Water Crisis? Toxicology and Societies Speaker Series hosted by WWU's Huxley College of the Environment, Apr. 8.

[Enviro] Webinar: Bitcoin Mining - How to Protect Your Community from this Energy-Intensive, Harmful Industry presented by Halt the Harm, Apr. 7

[Enviro] Webinar: Restoring Our Oceans in One Generation, w/ Alexandra Cousteau, Oceans 2050. Hosted by Saint Helena Forum, Mar. 24.

[Educ / Justice] Book Club Discussion: HS Mathematics Lessons to Explore, Understand, and Respond to Social Injustice hosted by Clark Mathematics Dept. Facilitated by Jennifer. Ward, Clark/PCC, Mar. 18.

[Educ] Webinar: One-Minute Activities hosted by MAA Project NExT, Mar. 17.

[Enviro] Webinar: The State of Recycling in Washington hosted by, Mar. 11

[Math] Webinar: From Hidden Figures to Human Flourishing: Humanity, Community, and Justice in Mathematics [Flyer] with Ranthony Edmonds and Francis Su. Hosted by MAA, Mar 11.

[Educ / Math] Webinar w/ Roundtable Discussion: Math Placement Process hosted by Clark Mathematics Dept. Facilitated by Dr. Laura Schueller, SBCTC, Mar. 5.

[Justice] Webinar: The Fierce Urgency of Now hosted by Just Equations, Feb. 26 & Mar. 5.

[Educ] Webinar w/ Roundtable Discussion: OER and free online tools to increase student success hosted by WAMATYC. Facilitated by David Lippmann, Pierce College, Feb 26.

[Enviro / Justice] Webinar: The Environmental Injustice of Toxic Waste Sites Toxicology and Societies Speaker Series hosted by WWU's Huxley College of the Environment, Feb. 25.

[Enviro / Sci] Webinar: Homebodies & Waterbodies Hosted by Columbia Riverkeeper, Feb. 24.

[Enviro] Webinar: Creating Super Green Cities by Clark College Alumnus Denis Hayes, Feb 23.

[Ed Tech] Workshop: Tools for Active Learning: Worksheets, Conversations, and Whiteboards Hosted by Clark Teaching & Learning Center. Facilitated by Michelle Roth, Feb. 18

[Enviro] Webinar: A Regulatory Approach to Safer Products for the State of Washington Toxicology and Societies Speaker Series hosted by WWU's Huxley College of the Environment, Feb. 11.

[Ed / Justice] Webinar: Inclusive Online Teaching
Hosted by Clark College Teaching & Learning Center. Presented by Lindsey Schuhmacher, Feb. 3.

[Ed / Justice] Conference: Mathematics of Opportunity 2021: Advancing Social Justice through Math Education [website] Hosted by, Feb. 2-4.

[Med Sci] Webinar: DES Action 1st annual membership meeting hosted by DES Action, U.S.A., Jan. 26.

[Educ] Webinar w/ Roundtable Discussion: Placement, Equity, and Disaggregated Data
Hosted by WAMATYC. Facilitated by Helen Burn, Highline C, Steven Bogart, Shoreline CC, Jan. 22.

[Enviro] Webinar: This Moment in Climate w/ Michael Mann and Leah Stokes [website] [video] Hosted by Climate One, Jan. 19.

[Math] Webinar: Hidden Hexagons: Secrets of a Six-Sided Shape [website]
Hands-on family event hosted by the National Museum of Mathematics, Jan. 15.

[Enviro] Webinar: The Fight Against Fossil Fuels: What’s Happening and What’s Next [video]
Hosted by Columbia Riverkeeper, Jan. 14.

[Science] Webinar: Next‐generation tools to prioritize chemicals and for environmental management: EcoToxChip Toxicology and Societies Speaker Series hosted by WWU's Huxley College of the Environment, Jan. 11.

[Enviro / Justice] Webinars: New Year, New Needs, Preparing for WA's Legislative Session
4-part series of interactive webinars hosted by Our Climate:
Jan 9 "An Overview of Washington's State Legislature"
Jan 10 "Washington's Climate Crisis"
Jan 16 "Fixing Washington's Upside Down Tax Code"
Jan 17 "Fighting for Racial Justice Across Washington"

[Women in STEM] Webinars: We Speak: Inspiring Women in Math Speaker Series
7-part series hosted by Association of Women in Mathematics (AWM) in honour of their 50th anniversary. [website]
Jan 29 "The role of cone metabolism in mitigating blindness” by Erika Camacho, PhD
Feb 26 "Ranked choice voting: A systems approach to better representation? by Moon Duchin, PhD
Mar 19 "Power in Numbers: Unveiling Hidden Figures" by Dr. Talithia Williams
Apr 30 "Perspectives on Women in STEM from a 'Recovering Mathematician'" by Gioia de Cari
May 21 "T.B.A." by Dr. Carla Cotwright-Williams, DOD
Jun 25 "T.B.A." by Dr. Erica Walker
Nov 19 "T.B.A." by Dr. Eugenia Cheng

[Science] Webinars: Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI) Science Pub [website]
Feb 2 “High-Tech, Human Rights, and Social Justice" by Clyde W. Ford
Mar 2 “Dynamic Geology of the Oregon Coast" by Dr. Scott Burns, PSU
Apr 13 “The Science of Clean, Safe Drinking Water" by Kimberly Gupta, Bull Run PWB
Apr 20 “Living with Volcanoes in the Pacific Northwest" by Gina Roberti, Mt St Helens Institute
May 11 "Why Our Brains Make Habits Stick" by Dr. Russell Poldrack, Stanford Univ.

[Activism / Justice] Legal Trainings: Know Your Rights (and more) [website]
Weekly trainings/webinars hosted by Civil Liberties Defense Center (CDLC) focusing mostly on understanding your legal rights as an activist, protecting others during an event (ie. legal observer), and navigating the legal system. I participated almost every week [list], March 2020 - present.

Professional Development & Service Learning prior to 2021

For list of professional development experiences prior to 2021 please see P.D. Archives.