Learning Activities & Professional Development 2020

[Justice] Conference: 7th Annual One River Ethics Matter Conference [website]
Hosted by WSU-Vancouver’s Collective for Social and Environmental Justice, the Cowlitz Indian Tribe, and Native American Affairs, Dec 9-10.

[Med Sci] Conference: Heritable Impacts of Endocrine Disrupting Compounds and DES [program] Part of Online Conference on Non-Genetic Inheritance in Human Disease hosted by Beyond Genes.

[Ed Tech] Workshop: eL130 Universal Design for Learning lead by Clark College eLearning Dept, Dec. 3.

[Ed Tech] Workshop: eL131 Accessible Canvas Items lead by Clark College eLearning Dept, Dec. 2.

[Justice] Film Screening & Panel Discussion: "Gather: The Fight to Revitalize Our Native Foodways"
Hosted by the WWU Environmental Justice Committee, Dec. 1.

[Enviro] Webinar: "BC's Site C Dam - Where do we go from here?" hosted by The Narwhal, Nov. 26

[Math] Meeting: WAMATYC annual business meeting [website]
Washington Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges, held virtually, Nov. 20.

[Enviro / Justice] Webinar: "Trans-Mountain Pipeline (TMX), Climate, and Indigenous Law"
Hosted by West Coast Environmental Law of B.C., Canada, held virtually, Nov. 19.

[Ed / Justice] Webinar: "Social Justice Math in Action From Educ. Model to Educ. Movement" [website]
Presented by Just Equations and National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, Nov. 17.

[Math] Conference: AMATYC Ignite 2020 [website]
Presented by American Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges, held virtually, Nov. 13.

[STEM / Justice] Global Conference: Finding Ada Virtual STEM Conference [website]
For women in STEM and advocates for gender equality presented by Finding Ada Network, Nov. 9.

[Math] Conference: AMATYC 2020 [website]
American Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges, held virtually, Nov. 6, 13, 20.

[Math] Global Conference: 24-Hour Maths Magic Show [website]
24-hours straight of short presentations of mathematical magic tricks, 48 in all. Fun! Oct. 30.

[Math / Justice] Conference: Black Heroes of Mathematics [website]
Presented by the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications, held virtually, Oct. 26.

[Med Sci] Webinar: "Toxicology and Societies: The Impacts of Chemicals in Our Lives" [FB page] Presented by Huxley College of the Environment, Western Washington University, Oct. 22

[Ed / Justice] Webinar: "Teach for Equity Reaching all Students in Turbulent Times" [website]
Presented by National Network of State Teachers of the Year (NNSTOY), Oct. 17.

[Ed / Justice] Workshop: "Racial Equity in Mathematics Instruction"
Guided discussion format hosted by WAMATYC, held virtually, Oct. 9.

[Science] Webinar: “Why Scientists Fear a Chernobyl-Like Catastrophe Could Happen at Hanford” [website] Presented by Columbia Riverkeeper, Sept. 24.

[Justice] Film Screening: "Yehow" [website] Hosted by Native Daily Network, Aug. 13.

[Math] Conference: Math Circle [website] Hosted by Math Communities, July 13-17.

[Justice / History] Film Screening: PBS's "Stonewall Uprising" [website]
Hosted by Clark College Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Jun. 26

Webinar: "Are Salmon Doomed? Hatching a Plan to Save a Northwest Icon" [website]
Presented by Humanities Washington, Jun. 11

Webinar: “Land of Wondrous Cold: The Race to Discover Antarctica and Unlock the Secrets of Its Ice” [website] Presented by Science on Tap, Jun. 11

Webinar: "Fighting fossil fuels in the PNW" Presented by Land & Water Protectors, May 28

[Med Sci] Webinar: “History of Pandemics” Presented by PSU At This Moment, May 21

[Science / History] Webinar: "Mount St. Helens and the Cascade Range Volcanoes - The 40th Anniversary"
Presented by Pacific Northwest Seismic Network (PNSN), May 18

[Med Sci] Webinar: "Flatten the Curve Vancouver: Why we need to consider climate change in response to COVID-19" Hosted by Climate Action of Southwest WA, May 14

[Med Sci] Webinar: “Covid and Climate” Presented by PSU At This Moment, May 14

[Enviro] Webinar: “Removing Lower Snake River Dams to Protect Salmon and Orcas”
Presented by Columbia Riverkeeper, May 12

[History] Webinar: "What Does Mount St Helens Mean To You" Presented by Mt St Helens Institute, May 11

[Math] Webinar: "Circle-ometry to Trigonometry - Exploring the Story of Trig and Why the Curriculum does it Backwards" Presented by MoMath, May 5

[Science] Webinar: "The Ecological Recovery Story" Presented by Mt St Helens Institute, May 4

[Science] Webinar: “High Risks at Hanford” Presented by Columbia Riverkeeper, Apr. 28

[History] Webinar: "The Life and Legacy of David Johnston" Presented by Mt St Helens Institute, Apr. 27

[Science] Webinar: “Climate Change (Mis)Information” Presented by Cascadia Climate Action, Apr. 23

[Math] Conference: Northwest Undergraduate Mathematics Symposium (NUMS 2020) [website] Hosted by PiMUC, held virtually, Apr. 18

[Ed Tech] Workshop: eL132 How to Screencast and Edit Videos lead by Clark eLearning Dept, April 14

[Math] Webinar: "Games Topologists Play" Hosted by Talk Math With Your Friends (TMWYF ), Mar. 27

[Ed Tech] Training: "How to Use Zoom" Presented by Clark College Mathematics Dept, Mar. 25

[Ed Tec]h Webinar: "Distance Learning with Desmos", Presented by DESMOS, Mar. 15

[Education] Webinar: "How to move your math or science class online", Mar. 14

[Ed Tech] Workshop: eL133 How to Capture your Videos lead by Clark College eLearning Dept, March 3

[Activism / Justice] Legal Trainings: Know Your Rights (and more) [website]
Weekly trainings/webinars hosted by Civil Liberties Defense Center (CDLC) focusing mostly on understanding your legal rights as an activist, protecting others during an event (ie. legal observer), and navigating the legal system. I participated almost every week [list], March 2020 - present.

Science Webinars: Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI) Science Pub [website]
-- “Columbia Gorge’s Dynamic Geology”
-- “Hanford Hazards Update: Cleaning Up Nuclear Waste”
-- “National Parks of the Pacific Northwest – Incredible Treasures of Geology”
-- “Great Adaptations: Star-Nosed Moles, Electric Eels, Other Tales of Evolution’s Mysteries Solved”
-- “Imminent Shaking: What Kind of Earthquake Warning is Possible?”
-- “Fires at the Top of the World: Why is the Arctic Burning?”
-- “Why Mushrooms Matter: Ethnomycology Through the Ages”
-- "Disruption Continued: Emerging Mobility Technologies and Cities in the time of COVID"

Professional Development 2019


Course: Climate Change: The Science and Global Impact SDGAcademyX - CCSI001 (EdX)

Training: Blackboard Ultra certification w/ live (UOP)

Certificate earned: Clark eLearning Professional cerification (Clark's highest eLearning Certificate)

Workshop: eL210-Effective Online Discussions (Clark)

Professional Development 2018

Conference: Washington College Mathematics Conference 2018 (WCMC)
Hosted by Edmunds College, held at Yakima Convention Center 2018.05/17-19 [Website | Twitter]

Professional Development 2017

Conference: Washington Community College Mathematics Conference 2017 (WCCMC)
Hosted by Highline College, held at Great Wolf Lodge 2017.05/18-20 [Website | Twitter]

Webinar: IGNIS "UDL Module Design in Canvas" 3/9

Webinar: "What You Can Do Online but Not On Campus - Innovations in Digital Education" (OLC Bob Udell) 4/18

Webinar: Modeling and Simulation in the Calculus Classroom 10/19

CCL Climate Advocate Training Workshop 10/28

Webinar: Reaching Calculus and Precalculus Students with Interactive Figures 11/13

Dana Center | Pathway to Calculus Symposium
3/23 Preparing students for calculus: Exploring current research
4/27 Choosing content: Balancing conceptual understanding with procedural fluency
10/12 Course architecture: Active and cooperative learning; noncognitive factors
(e.g., productive persistence, productive struggle)
10/27 Keeping it real: Conversations with the math department (community, content,
architecture and rigor), partner disciplines, and student services

High School courses learning/designing while teaching this year include:
Writing for Magazine Publication and Rhetoric
Chemistry 111-112
Honours World Civilizations (Renaissance and Modern)
ASL Sign Language II-III
Health: Effects of Diethylstilbestrol Exposure I-II
SAT Preparation (Great Courses)

Professional Development 2016

Webinar: "Canvas and eLumen Partnership" Melissa Loble (Canvas) & Matt Coombs (eLumen)"
eLumen 2016/9/21

Conference: Washington Community College Mathematics Conference 2016 (WCCMC)
Hosted by Clark College, held at Oregon Coast 2016.04/21-23 [Website | Twitter]

Webinar Series: Community College Consortium for OER
-- 2016/2/10 "Best Practices for OER Faculty Development"
-- 2016/3/9 "OER Adoption to Scale: Highlights from Four States"
-- 2016/3/10 "Student Voices and Campus-wide Faculty Development"
-- 2016/4/27 "Advisory Meeting with the NOBA Psychology OER Project"
-- 2016/5/11 "Three Faculty Perspectives on OER Adoption"
-- 2016/6/8 "Designing for Open Pedagogy"

Webinar: "Bridging the Technology Gap - Free Technology Tools for Math"
AMATYC 2016/1/26 [LINK]

High School courses learning/designing while teaching this year include:
Writing Great Fiction (Great Courses)
Homer's Odyssey and Iliad (Great Courses)
Medieval World Civilizations (AP course)

Professional Development 2015

MOOC: "Web Accessibility MOOC for Online Educators" via Desire to Learn (D2L)
Portland CC 2015.10/19-11/22 #WAMOE

Webinar: "Calculus Alive! Motivating Students with Applications and Flipping the Class for Active Learning" AMATYC 2015/7/30 [LINK]

Webinar: "eCATS: Electronic Classroom Assessment Techniques - Taking the temperature of learning in the classroom" AMATYC 2015/7/13 [LINK]

Online Workshop: "Reset the Mindset" (three-day certifying workshop)
University of Phoenix: Faculty Workshops 2015.05/19-22

Webinar: "Women in Online Higher Education Leadership Roles: Strategies for Professional Development and Success" Online Consortium (OLC) 2015/5/14 [LINK]

Webinar: "Content in Context: Teaching Students with Real-World Applications" AMATYC 2015/5/12 [LINK]

Conference: Washington Community College Mathematics Conference 2015 (WCCMC)
Hosted by Bellevue College, held at Lake Chelan WA 2015.04/30-5/2 [Website | Twitter]

Webinar: "Incorporating the use of Real Data and R in a Statistics Course" AMATYC 2015/4/14 [LINK]

Conference: Pacific Northwest MAA Section Meeting 2015 (PNW-MAA) held jointly with NUMS
Hosted by Univ. of Washington, Tacoma WA 2015.04/10-11 [Website]

MOOC: "Teaching Statistics Through Data Investigations" course MOOC-Ed 2015.3/9-5/3 [LINK]

Webinar Series: Community College Consortium for OER
-- 2015/2/11 "Review of OER Research"
-- 2015/3/10 "Open MOOCs with Certificates"
-- 2015/3/11 "Zero-Textbook-Cost Degree Program"
-- 2015/4/8 "OER Publishing Tools"
-- 2015/5/14 "Community College OER Panel"

High School courses learning/designing while teaching this year include:
ASL Sign Language I (SigningSaavy) 2015.2/1-6/15
Beginning Sketching (DrawSpace) 2015.3/1-6/15
Nature of Earth: Introduction to Geology (Great Courses) 2015.9/24-10/31
How the Earth Works (Great Courses) 2015.11/1-12/31

Professional Development 2014

MOOC: "Web Accessibility MOOC for Online Educators" via D2L
Portland Community College 2014.10/20-11/22 #WAMOE

Conference: Northwest Mathematics Conference 2014
NWMC, Portland OR 2014/10/9-11 northwestmathconf.org/NWMC2014

Webinar: "Challenges of Teaching and Learning Infinite Series in Calculus"
American Mathematical Assoc. of Two-Year Colleges (AMATYC) 2014/10/3 AMATYC.org

MOOC: “Animal Behaviour and Welfare” (coursera.org/course/animal)
University of Edinburgh, Scotland 2014.7/14-8/22 @JMICAWE | #EdAniWelf

Conference: MAA MathFest 2014
Mathematical Association of America, Portland OR 2014/8/6-9 MAA MathFest

Conference: Washington Community College Mathematics Conference (WCCMC) 2014
Hosted by Everett CC & Shoreline CC, Wenatchee WA 2014/5/8-10 2014 Conference Website

Webinar: "Using Mapping Diagrams to Understand Trigonometric Functions"
American Mathematical Assoc. of Two-Year Colleges (AMATYC) 2014/4/10 AMATYC.org

Virtual Conference: “7th International Symposium: Emerging Technologies for Online Learning"
Sloan Consortium, Merlot, & ET Task Force 2014/4/9-11 SloanConsortium.org & Merlot.org

Webinars: OER and Accessibility for Open Education Week Clark College TLC 2014/3/11
-- "Accessibility of OERs for Diverse Learners and Guidelines for Dyslexia in Modern Language Learning"
-- "Challenges and Strategies for Promoting Awareness of Open and Accessible Educational Resources"

STEM Colloquium: "Presentations and Conversation Concerning Student Studying Expectations"
Clark College, Vancouver WA, 2014/2/20 Clark.edu - STEM

Webinar Series: IGNIS Assessment, Teaching, and Learning Network hosted by SBCTC eLearning
-- 2014/2/6 "Turn it Upside Down: Integrating Technology Successfully to Create Truly Collaborative and Active Learning in the Flipped Classroom" (Myers, Myers, and Diemel)
-- 2014/2/20 "Beyond Cutting and Pasting: Teaching Research Skills for the 21st Century" (Indrunas, Uhi, Durden)
-- 2014/3/6 "Best Practices and Experiments in eLearning" (Falconer, Hudson, Reigle)
-- 2014/3/20 "Tweeting 101" (Johnson, Delaney, Hudsick)
-- 2014/4/17 "Blogging in the Classroom: Utilizing WordPress for Student Engagement"
-- 2014/5/8 "FLC Feature: Beyond inclusion, Universal Dexign, Reading Apprenticeship"
-- 2014/5/22 "FLC Feature: Transition from College to Workforce, Mindfulness, QM"
-- 2014/5/29 "FLC Feature: Learning Communitites, Student Learning"
-- 2014/6/5 "FLC Feature: OER Platforms, Courage to Teach, Social Sciences Online"
-- 2014/6/12 "FLC Feature: Cooperative Learning, Interdisciplinary Collaborations"

Webinar Series: Community College Consortium for OER
-- 2014/2/5 "Open Textbook Adoptions and Publishing"
-- 2014/3/12 "Community College OER Project Showcases"
-- 2014/4/9 "OER Impact Research at Community Colleges"
-- 2014/5/14 "Intellectual Property in an Open Age"

Webinar: "Five Habits of Successful Online Teachers" (Mark Radcliffe)
Blended Schools Network 2014/2/5 BlendedSchools.net

Twitter Discussion Group: "The Past, Present, and Future of Higher Education"
Mooc Mooc Dark Underbelly (MMDU) weekly chats 2014.1/29 - 3/5 #moocmooc

Professional Development 2013

Webinar: "Kids’ Online Privacy and Digital Footprints"
edWeb Network 2013/12/11 edWeb.net

Webinar: "Teaching Copyright and Fair Use to the Remix Generation"
edWeb Network 2013/11/13 edWeb.net

Webinar: “Human Element - Tools for Humanizing Your Online Course”
Sloan Consortium 2013/10/29 sloanconsortium.org

Webinar: "The State of Faculty Development for 2013" (William Draves)
LERN 2013/8/29 lern.org

Webinar: “New Solutions to Old Problems - Innovations in Online Education (ValuePlus)”
Sloan Consortium 2013/8/1 sloanconsortium.org

Webinar Series: Oregon Community College Distance Learning Association (OCCDLA)
-- 2013/05/22 "Approaching Accessibility in Online Courses" (PCC's Sorensen, Quast, Schmitt)
-- 2013/05/29 "Making Documents Accessible" (PCC's Karen Sorensen)
-- 2013/06/05 "Making Online Math Courses Accessible" (PCC's Chris Hughes, Scot Leavitt)

Conference: Washington Community College Mathematics Conference (WCCMC) 2013
Hosted by Whatcom CC, Bellingham WA 2013.05/9-11 wsccmc.wordpress.com

Online Training Course: Facilitating in the New Classroom (one-week certifying workshop)
University of Phoenix: Faculty Workshops 2013.04/22-26

Online Training Course: Introduction to Canvas for Faculty (three-week certifying workshop)
SBCTC Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges 2013.4/15-5/5

Conference: Pacific Northwest MAA Section Meeting 2013
Hosted by Willamette University, Salem OR 2013/4/13 willamette.edu/cla/math/PNWMAA_2013

Online Workshop: Carnegie Adaptive Math Practice AMP (three-day certifying workshop)
University of Phoenix: Faculty Workshops 2013.02/12-15

Webcast Series: “Monday Morning Mentor" (weekly)
Magna Publications 2013.1/28-5/13 Magna 20-Minute Mentors

Webinar Series: "Student & Faculty Success in Online Education" (monthly)
Sloan Consortium sloanconsortium.org/institute/webinars/accessibility-series
-- 2013/01/15 "Administrative Panel: Understanding the Law & Building Accessible Institutional Infrastructures"
-- 2013/02/12 "Student & Alumni Panel: What Students with Disabilities Want Faculty & Administrators to Know"
-- 2013/03/14 "Faculty Panel: What Faculty with Disabilities Want Institutions to Know"
-- 2013/04/23 "Accessibility Specialists: Understanding 'Invisible' Disabilities & What this Means for Online Education"

cMOOC "Educational Technology and Media" (Alex Couros, Alison Seaman, et al)
Univ. of Regina, Canada 2013.1/13-3/30 etmooc.org | #etmooc