Activities, Projects, and Goals 2020-2021

Two major focuses this year: accessibility and diversity/equity/inclusion.

  1. Dec. 2020 -- Take eL130-eL131 workshops and complete eL132-eL133 workshops to earn Clark College's Universal Design Learning (UDL) Certificate.
  2. Jan. 2021 -- Help stop the world's largest fracked fossil-gas-to-methanol refinery from being built on the Columbia River! This was a 5-7 year team effort. Key permits are denied.
  3. Feb. 2021 -- Complete work on assuring all course images are fully accessible in the five courses I usually teach.
  4. Mar. 2021 -- Complete my mandatory post-tenure evaluation (every 5-years) which includes evaluations by students, peer, and dean; observing a colleagues' class and based on what I learn, assessing/improving my own classes; writing a comprehensive Self-Evaluation report.
  5. Mar. 2021 -- Update my Philosophy of Education statement and write a diversity, equity, and inclusion statement for my syllabus after researching and considering colleagues' statements and wording.
  6. Apr. 2021 -- Completely update my e-portfolio and my C.V.
  7. Completely update all 150 FAQs and related documents to match new CMS and course design.
  8. Learn Python 3 programming via 2021 Complete Python Bootcamp from Zero to Hero in Python (Certificated Udemy course with 155 lectures, 22 hours of video lessons).
  9. Engage in departmental-wide "big picture" re-organization of online/remote/hybrid courses including technology, materials, structure, and design. What should we keep post-pandemic?
  10. On a personal side, tidy my home library :)
Longer-term goals:
  1. Review of all course documents with focus on assuring language that promotes inclusion.
  2. Verify all 1000+ of my ed-related webpages are fully accessible and screen-reader friendly.
  3. Convert all math documents (≈10,000) containing MathType equations to LaTeX (since MathType is not keeping up with MacOS).
  4. Learn R programming in R-Studio particularly for data visualization.