Publications ~ Mathematics Books

GOLDen Mathematics: College Algebra Seattle: Lulu, 2007
Series available in print and as an e-book at

GOLDen Mathematics: Intermediate Algebra Seattle: Lulu, 2006

GOLDen Mathematics: Elementary Algebra Seattle: Lulu, 2006

Mathematics Online Lessons available at, 2000
Cover elementary algebra through calculus. Includes TI and HP graphing calculator tutorials and extensive mathematics links by topic.

Sourcebook for Revitalized Calculus co-authored by a team of northwest math faculty from the Wash. Center Calculus Consortium. NSF funded project, 1995.

Pre-Calculus Sourcebook co-authored by a team of northwest math faculty. NSF funded project coordinated by Seattle University, 1994.

HP-48G Graphing Calculator Manual Seattle: Technology Publications, 1993

Publications ~ Recent Mathematics Articles

“The Extrema of the Rational Quadratic Function f(x)=(x2+ax+b)/(x2+cx+d)”
Submitted to the MAA's College Mathematics Journal for consideration.

Publications ~ Consumer Health / Diethylstilbestrol Articles

“Tips for Finding a DES Knowledgeable Doctor.” DES Action Voice 108 (2006)

“A New Way to ‘Talk’ to Each Other.” DES Action Voice 103 (2005)

“In-Utero Exposures and the Incidence of Endometriosis.” DES Action Voice 104 (2005)

“Update on DES Internet Listservs.” DES Action Voice 84 (2000)

“Hysteroscopic Metroplasty in Diethylstilboestrol-Exposed and Hypoplastic Uterus: a report on 24 cases.” DES Action Voice 83 (1999)

“Myopia in DES Exposed Amblyopic Subjects.” DES Action Voice 82 (1999)

“The DES Fall Symposium: Research News, Third Generation Effects, and Menopause among Top Concerns.” DES Action Voice 82 (1999)

“DES Online: two New DES Support e-mail Listservs.” DES Action Voice 81 (1999)

“DES Research Update 1999 Conference.” DES Action Voice 81 (1999)

“T-Uterus Surgery – An Update.” DES Action Voice 79 (1999)

Presentations ~ Mathematics

“Curious Connections: Rational Function Extrema and the Geometric Mean”
Mathematical Association of America, Pacific Northwest Section Meeting 2008, Helena MT

“Keely Goes Hyper: From Flatland to Hyperspace, Math across the Dimensions”
Math Awareness Month 2000, Clark College, Vancouver WA

“The Witch of Agnesi”, Womens’ History Conference 1999, Clark College, Vancouver WA

“TI-92 Technology in our Classes”, Mathematics Faculty Seminars 1998, Clark College, Vancouver WA

Presentations ~ eLearning, Diethystilbestrol, etc.

"Discussion Boards - A Vital Component of Learning"
Focus on Faculty Conference 2010, Clark College, Vancouver WA

"Wolfram|Alpha in Online Maths - Maximize the Possibilities, Minimize the Dangers"
Webinar (online) via Elluminate 2009

“DES (diethylstilbestrol) and DNA” (panel discussion member)
NCI DES Research Update Conference: Current Knowledge, Future Directions 1999
National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Maryland

“Course Information is Going on the Internet … Are you Weaby?”
Washington Community College Mathematics Conference 1997, Lake Chelan WA