Activities, Projects, and Goals 2018-2019

Fall 2018: Taking a one-term sabbatical to write some supplemental resources for Clark's Math Pathways project.

Spring 2019: Teaching 5 classes (Geometry, Precalculus, Calc III) and taking two trainings including Clark's eLearning Professional certification and Blackboard Ultra certification.

Summer 2019: Teaching two Precalculus courses with some big updates.

Fall 2019: Teaching Math 107 Mathematics in Society (Liberal Arts course) for the first time since 2008.

Professional Development 2019

Course: Climate Change: The Science and Global Impact SDGAcademyX - CCSI001 (EdX)

Training: Blackboard Ultra certification w/ live (UOP)

Certification earned: Clark eLearning Professional cerification (Clark)

Workshop: eL210-Effective Online Discussions (Clark)

Professional Development 2018

Conference: Washington College Mathematics Conference 2018 (WCMC)
Hosted by Edmunds College, held at Yakima Convention Center 2018.05/17-19 [Website | Twitter]

Professional Development 2017

Conference: Washington Community College Mathematics Conference 2017 (WCCMC)
Hosted by Highline College, held at Great Wolf Lodge 2017.05/18-20 [Website | Twitter]

Webinar: IGNIS "UDL Module Design in Canvas" 3/9

Webinar: "What You Can Do Online but Not On Campus - Innovations in Digital Education" (OLC Bob Udell) 4/18

Webinar: Modeling and Simulation in the Calculus Classroom 10/19

CCL Climate Advocate Training Workshop 10/28

Webinar: Reaching Calculus and Precalculus Students with Interactive Figures 11/13

Dana Center | Pathway to Calculus Symposium
3/23 Preparing students for calculus: Exploring current research
4/27 Choosing content: Balancing conceptual understanding with procedural fluency
10/12 Course architecture: Active and cooperative learning; noncognitive factors
(e.g., productive persistence, productive struggle)
10/27 Keeping it real: Conversations with the math department (community, content,
architecture and rigor), partner disciplines, and student services

High School courses learning/designing while teaching this year include:
Writing for Magazine Publication and Rhetoric
Chemistry 111-112
Honours World Civilizations (Renaissance and Modern)
ASL Sign Language II-III
Health: Effects of Diethylstilbestrol Exposure I-II
SAT Preparation (Great Courses)

Professional Development 2016

Webinar: "Canvas and eLumen Partnership" Melissa Loble (Canvas) & Matt Coombs (eLumen)"
eLumen 2016/9/21

Conference: Washington Community College Mathematics Conference 2016 (WCCMC)
Hosted by Clark College, held at Oregon Coast 2016.04/21-23 [Website | Twitter]

Webinar Series: Community College Consortium for OER
-- 2016/2/10 "Best Practices for OER Faculty Development"
-- 2016/3/9 "OER Adoption to Scale: Highlights from Four States"
-- 2016/3/10 "Student Voices and Campus-wide Faculty Development"
-- 2016/4/27 "Advisory Meeting with the NOBA Psychology OER Project"
-- 2016/5/11 "Three Faculty Perspectives on OER Adoption"
-- 2016/6/8 "Designing for Open Pedagogy"

Webinar: "Bridging the Technology Gap - Free Technology Tools for Math"
AMATYC 2016/1/26 [LINK]

High School courses learning/designing while teaching this year include:
Writing Great Fiction (Great Courses)
Homer's Odyssey and Iliad (Great Courses)
Medieval World Civilizations (AP course)

Professional Development 2015

MOOC: "Web Accessibility MOOC for Online Educators" via Desire to Learn (D2L)
Portland CC 2015.10/19-11/22 #WAMOE

Webinar: "Calculus Alive! Motivating Students with Applications and Flipping the Class for Active Learning" AMATYC 2015/7/30 [LINK]

Webinar: "eCATS: Electronic Classroom Assessment Techniques - Taking the temperature of learning in the classroom" AMATYC 2015/7/13 [LINK]

Online Workshop: "Reset the Mindset" (three-day certifying workshop)
University of Phoenix: Faculty Workshops 2015.05/19-22

Webinar: "Women in Online Higher Education Leadership Roles: Strategies for Professional Development and Success" Online Consortium (OLC) 2015/5/14 [LINK]

Webinar: "Content in Context: Teaching Students with Real-World Applications" AMATYC 2015/5/12 [LINK]

Conference: Washington Community College Mathematics Conference 2015 (WCCMC)
Hosted by Bellevue College, held at Lake Chelan WA 2015.04/30-5/2 [Website | Twitter]

Webinar: "Incorporating the use of Real Data and R in a Statistics Course" AMATYC 2015/4/14 [LINK]

Conference: Pacific Northwest MAA Section Meeting 2015 (PNW-MAA) held jointly with NUMS
Hosted by Univ. of Washington, Tacoma WA 2015.04/10-11 [Website]

MOOC: "Teaching Statistics Through Data Investigations" course MOOC-Ed 2015.3/9-5/3 [LINK]

Webinar Series: Community College Consortium for OER
-- 2015/2/11 "Review of OER Research"
-- 2015/3/10 "Open MOOCs with Certificates"
-- 2015/3/11 "Zero-Textbook-Cost Degree Program"
-- 2015/4/8 "OER Publishing Tools"
-- 2015/5/14 "Community College OER Panel"

High School courses learning/designing while teaching this year include:
ASL Sign Language I (SigningSaavy) 2015.2/1-6/15
Beginning Sketching (DrawSpace) 2015.3/1-6/15
Nature of Earth: Introduction to Geology (Great Courses) 2015.9/24-10/31
How the Earth Works (Great Courses) 2015.11/1-12/31

Professional Development 2014

Online Workshop: Positive Psychology (three-day certifying workshop)
University of Phoenix: Faculty Workshops 2014.11/11-13

MOOC: "Web Accessibility MOOC for Online Educators" via D2L
Portland Community College 2014.10/20-11/22 #WAMOE

Conference: Northwest Mathematics Conference 2014
NWMC, Portland OR 2014.10/9-11

Webinar: "Challenges of Teaching and Learning Infinite Series in Calculus"
American Mathematical Assoc. of Two-Year Colleges (AMATYC) 2014/10/3

MOOC: “Animal Behaviour and Welfare” (
University of Edinburgh, Scotland 2014.7/14-8/22 @JMICAWE | #EdAniWelf

Conference: MAA MathFest 2014
Mathematical Association of America, Portland OR 2014.08/6-9 MAA MathFest

Conference: Washington Community College Mathematics Conference (WCCMC) 2014
Hosted by Everett CC & Shoreline CC, Wenatchee WA 2014.05/8-10 2014 Conference Website

Webinar: "Using Mapping Diagrams to Understand Trigonometric Functions"
American Mathematical Assoc. of Two-Year Colleges (AMATYC) 2014/4/10

Virtual Conference: “7th International Symposium: Emerging Technologies for Online Learning"
Sloan Consortium, Merlot, & ET Task Force 2014.04/9-11 &

Webinars: OER and Accessibility for Open Education Week Clark College TLC 2014/3/11
-- "Accessibility of OERs for Diverse Learners and Guidelines for Dyslexia in Modern Language Learning"
-- "Challenges and Strategies for Promoting Awareness of Open and Accessible Educational Resources"

STEM Colloquium: "Presentations and Conversation Concerning Student Studying Expectations"
Clark College, Vancouver WA, 2014/2/20 - STEM

Webinar Series: IGNIS Assessment, Teaching, and Learning Network hosted by SBCTC eLearning
-- 2014/2/6 "Turn it Upside Down: Integrating Technology Successfully to Create Truly Collaborative and Active Learning in the Flipped Classroom" (Myers, Myers, and Diemel)
-- 2014/2/20 "Beyond Cutting and Pasting: Teaching Research Skills for the 21st Century" (Indrunas, Uhi, Durden)
-- 2014/3/6 "Best Practices and Experiments in eLearning" (Falconer, Hudson, Reigle)
-- 2014/3/20 "Tweeting 101" (Johnson, Delaney, Hudsick)
-- 2014/4/17 "Blogging in the Classroom: Utilizing WordPress for Student Engagement"
-- 2014/5/8 "FLC Feature: Beyond inclusion, Universal Design, Reading Apprenticeship"
-- 2014/5/22 "FLC Feature: Transition from College to Workforce, Mindfulness, QM"
-- 2014/5/29 "FLC Feature: Learning Communities, Student Learning"
-- 2014/6/5 "FLC Feature: OER Platforms, Courage to Teach, Social Sciences Online"
-- 2014/6/12 "FLC Feature: Cooperative Learning, Interdisciplinary Collaborations"

Webinar Series: Community College Consortium for OER
-- 2014/2/5 "Open Textbook Adoptions and Publishing"
-- 2014/3/12 "Community College OER Project Showcases"
-- 2014/4/9 "OER Impact Research at Community Colleges"
-- 2014/5/14 "Intellectual Property in an Open Age"

Webinar: "Five Habits of Successful Online Teachers" (Mark Radcliffe)
Blended Schools Network 2014/2/5

Twitter Discussion Group: "The Past, Present, and Future of Higher Education"
Mooc Mooc Dark Underbelly (MMDU) weekly chats 2014.1/29-3/5 #moocmooc